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Douwe Johannes Beintema - a well to do farmer

She was a well-to-do farmer's daughter - this was a note about my great great grandmother Lijsbert (or Lijsbeth) Beintema in the familytree. Her father was Douwe Johannes Beintema (1779-1840) and the subject of this post prompted by "on the farm" for week 39, 52 ancestors challenge 2018.

Lijsbert (Lijsbeth) was born in 1820. Douwe was forty one years old and a wealthy farmer and property owner. He is listed in many legal documents either as the seller, the buyer, the creditor, or the guarantor. 

How did he acquire the means to purchase all this property? Not through subsistence farming. Perhaps he made a good marriage? His father certainly did. He married Jeikjen, daughter of Douwe Kornelis, who purchased Beintema Hûs in 1750, the place where Lijsbert was born. (See also my earlier post The Homestead)

Looking at the historical context it looks like Douwe was born at the right time and in the right place. 

For centuries Friesian farmers had proved to be enterprising and more …