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Reijnier Scherius' links to the Spice Trade and VOC.

Reijnier Scherius, the father of Reinier Scherius, was at least for a few years in the spice trade. That it is how it seems from the record cited in Open Archives.

The first record dated June 27 1776 has him joining as a soldier of The Dutch East Indies Company (VOC) and setting sail on the ship Beemster Welvaren for Batavia. They arrived at the Cape on November 28 and stayed until 31 December 1776 and finally they reached Batavia on 10 April 1777. He did not return to the Netherlands straight away and  this ship perished in 1778 near Indramajoe. It seems he stayed in Batavia until he got on the ship Hof ter Linden 6 February 1779 and arrived back in Amsterdam on Monday 27 September 1779.

He did a couple more voyages to Batavia and then resigned for the last time in August 1784. During this period at sea he moved up the ranks from weapons mate to third helms mate.

When he joined in 1776 he was about 18 years old and when he left he was 26 years old. It wasn't for marriage because…

Not the Reinier Scherius I was thinking of.

Upon checking the resource Scherius Family it is now clear that I've got the wrong one. This is the father of Reinier Scherius. Still family of course. It gets confusing when generations carried the same name.

Reinier Scherius

Today I searched for him in several ways and came across some interesting stuff.

Open Archive search Scherius

This page shows that he was employed by the VOC as firstly a weapons masters mate on the ship Ceres.  Several other records show that he made his way up the ladder with each voyage to Indonesia, on different ships. It was usual to just rig out a vessel for the specific purpose of spice trade and man it and come the end of the voyage everyone was laid off and possibly got a share of the profits?

Another interesting site about VOC is VOC site which lists the ships.

and also VOC Kenniscentrum

I also found some mention of the name Scherius on Familie Archivaris and have signed up for free membership.