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A Favourite Photo

Week 4, 52 Ancestors a Week Challenge This elegant lady walking her little dog in cold and wintry The Hague was Anna Hendrika Peelen. "Tante Annie" as my mother called her godmother. She was the eldest sister of my grandfather Reinier Peelen. What struck me about this photo is how much Tante Annie looked like her grandmother and namesake Anna Hendrika Knoops. This photo is actually a postcard, so it must have been a favourite photo of herself that Tante Annie had printed up to have on hand to send out to friends, family.  It was sent to a cousin as far as I can make out from the difficult handwriting and it was dated 18 April 1939; she would have been fifty years old. Anna remarked that her little dog Patrickje, looked so cute in this photo. Her daughter Eduarda Anna, or Eddy as she was known in the family corresponded with my mother and sent her the photos and documents about the family history I now have. Tante Annie's life unfolded in many ways like a romantic novel. S

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