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Working for a Living

Continuing on with 52 Ancestor Challenge to week 36 Working for a Living, I'll go on with the story of Jan Blomberg and his wife Johanna Cornelia Bronke. They were teachers. They had two sons, Johannes born in 1881 and Cornelis born in 1891 and a girl, Cornelia, who sadly died young at the age of 6.

Jan paid for his eldest to go to University but made him promise that he would in turn pay for the University study of his brother, which he did. Both sons gained  a PhD in chemistry and became pharmacists or Apotheker in Dutch.

Johannes was the more entrepreneurial of the two. As soon as he finished his studies in 1903 he took over the apothecary of Dr J Attema and developed it into an independent company manufacturing medicines such as insuline and anaesthetic drugs. He travelled widely to extend his knowledge and imported  Indonesian herbal medicines.

His younger brother, my grandfather,  was rather more academic by nature and established himself in Indonesia firstly in Surabaya whe…

School days

This post is inspired by the theme of schooldays, the post theme for week 35, 52 Ancestors Challenge. I'm reflecting on two grandparents who were school teachers. Jan Blomberg was born in Zwartsluis on 12 June1856 and his wife Johanna Cornelia Bronke was born 14 December 1851 in Zaandijk. They married on 23 May 1881 in Zaandijk. Johanna was already 30! And Jan was 25.
Jan became "Hoofd ener school" - Head or principal of a school. I haven't got any facts as to where but I assume it would be in Amsterdam. because in 1882 his eldest son was born there. These bare facts enclose so much more if you let your imagination wander.

Did Jan have a stellar career? Or was it a standard career path.  How did he decide to become a teacher. He was the son of a trader and river barge captain, why didn't he follow in his fathers footsteps? Was he the smart one in the family?

His wife, Johanna was also a teacher. Did they meet at work as it were, the school both were teaching at. …