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Week 38 - Unusual source - Jan Peelen's passport

For the week 38 prompt I have chosen Jan Peelen's passport issued to him when he left Egypt in 1861 with his family. I have already written about my 3x great grandfather's time in Egypt in a previous post and this continues the story.

It is all in French, though the passport is issued by the Netherlands. I don't really know why,  but it seems that French was an official language at the time. I've noticed French in other Dutch official records of that period.

So in the left column we can see that the passport is valid for a year and it was issued in Alexandria, Egypt.  Then we get a description of Jan Peelen - signalement.  He was 35 years old, had brown hair, brown eyebrows, blue eyes, ordinary nose and forehead, round chin, brown beard, medium mouth, oval face and a clear complexion. No special characteristics were noted either. His profession was given as Civil Engineer.

The top features the Dutch national coat of arms with the motto Je maintaindrai - I will maintai…

Week 37 - closest to your birthday

Week 37: Closest to Your Birthday
This week's prompt is to write about a a relative who most closely matches my birthdate.

My two direct ancestors Jan Blomberg and Reinier Scherius are my closest relatives who match my birthdate, followed by my great great uncle, Gerrit Nicolaas Bronke and another great great uncle, Cornelis Wit.

The one I've not written about or researched before is Cornelis Wit, brother of my great great grandmother Aafje Bronke-Wit, so he is the choice for this post.

Except, in the family tree handed down to me, his birthdate is shown as 13th June! So what is the story here? His geboorte akte shows 12th June is indeed his birthdate, but the record is dated 13th June.

I love reading these Dutch records*. They are so descriptive. His father, Gerrit Wit, chirurgijnen vroedmeester - surgeon and midwife - arrived at twelve noon, at the Town Hall in Zaandijk,  accompanied by his two witnesses to register the birth of his son, Cornelis, born at nine the previous mor…