A Favourite Photo

Wiebertus Meinderts Bakker and his daughters
I've chosen this photo from many other favourites because it pushes me into finding out more about another family line - the Bakker family, a line I haven't done much research on.

It shows Wiebertus Meinderts Bakker with his two daughters, the youngest is I think my great-great grandmother Fokeline Dieverdina Bakker.  I can't be sure, because I have no information for this photograph, other than that the man in this photo matches another photo I have which is named and identifies him as Wiebertus Meinderts Bakker.

The other reason I chose this photo is because it is rather sweet. Two little girls wearing their best, identical dresses, with flounces and frills in a distinctive kind of tartan-like pattern, together with their father.

They look at ease with him, especially Fokelina who leans into him and rests her arm on his knee. The older girl looks a bit more impatient, ready to take off, as soon as the photographer is done.

Fokeline was born in 1864 and I'm guessing that she is about 6 years old in this picture, which would date it around 1870.  Wiebertus Bakker was born in 1824, so he would be around 46 years, and he looks that age. He was a "landbouwer"- farmer. He looks like he could have been quite prosperous, wearing a three piece suit. Sunday best?

It was probably taken by a travelling photographer, because the set was nothing glamorous, no fancy backdrop and bare earth, or more like sand as it seems in this photo. Was it taken for a special occasion, or had they been to church perhaps when they decided to have their photo taken?

Questions and more questions now.


  1. Wat een rijkdom, Liesbeth, al die herinneringen en keepsakes.

    1. Ja nou, ik steek er ook nu een hoop tijd in, tussen alle bedrijven door.


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